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5 gifts for NZ mamas and papas

It isn’t hard to find cute things for little babies. Not at all. But it can still be hard to know what new mums and dads will find useful, fun, sweet, thoughtful or otherwise helpful for their newborn bundle of awesome. Having just been through the new baby thing, here are five gifts you can pick up easily in NZ that balance the practical with the affordable, the adorable, the trend-setting, and with quality local goodies.


1. Babu merino sleeping bag – awesomely practical because it’s thick, amazing quality wool, and because it fits a smaller baby thanks to handy under-arm snaps that stop it riding up. These can also be purchased with FlyBuys points – woo!

2. A zip romper from Cotton On Kids – these come in fantastic, bang on-trend patterns, fit like a dream (the newborn size was one of the only things we had that fitted our 3.25kg/7lb2oz baby right from the get-go), wash well, and are easy to get on and off. Perfecto for teeny babies.

3. Baby Wilson boots – okay, so I haven’t actually tried these ones, but they’re too cute to pass over and they literally have my name on them! Not everyone is pro babies wearing shoes, but a nice, soft and well made pair of shoes or boots can be helpful not only to maximise cuteness but to keep the abominable baby socks where they are supposed to be. If for some reason you’re averse to the bling or the $69 price tag for these designer kicks, you could always try some gorgeous (and handmade locally) Little Lane Co. shoes.

4. Bonds baby leggings – this is really a shout-out to the whole Bonds range, which – pretty awesomely for the parents on a budget – is available at The Warehouse in NZ. The leggings are adorable and a great outer layer, but if you can get your hands on a zip-up Wondersuit/Wonderbundle sleeping bag, they’re fantastic – a great compromise for those who don’t want to (or can’t get their baby to) swaddle. Bonds newborn socks also seemed more effective than other brands at the previously mentioned staying on thing, in our experience.

5. Maiko Nagao print – if you’d like to get something for baby’s room, the current craze for all things monochrome means there’s lots of goodness available that can’t possibly clash with mum & dad’s decor. This store is full of hand-lettered goodness, all from right here in NZ.


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